Why Should You Use Natural Gas?


You’re probably familiar with the hype about natural gas. Natural gas is an environmentally clean, cost-effective and safe alternative to petroleum oil and coal. It’s the cleanest burning fossil fuel and emits very little byproducts into the atmosphere as pollutants. So, if you’re looking for a residential or commercial heating source that’s sustainable, reliable and economical choose natural gas.

Consider these benefits of natural gas from natural gas consultant David Stewart:

  • Environmentally Clean – Natural gas has fewer impurities and produces less pollution than other fuels. In comparison to oil and coal, natural gas produces fewer pollutants that are linked to global warming, acid rain and smog, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Not only do these substances negatively impact the environment, but also they are harmful to human health. Therefore, natural gas is a safer solution for both the environment and humans. Using natural gas is a great way to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • Economical – Appliances that run on natural gas are typically cheaper than electric appliances. Also, natural gas is available domestically so it doesn’t need to be imported like oil. This means the price and supply of natural gas will not be altered by international events.
  • Reliable – When you use natural gas as your energy source, it’s piped directly to your facility using a safe and effective pipeline system. Unlike with oil, you don’t have to store the gas in tanks on the site. Trucks transporting oil can be easily damaged by harsh weather conditions, whereas the pipeline system is underground and won’t be affected.
  • Efficient – Electric appliances work slower and use more energy than natural gas appliances. By powering your appliances with natural gas, your water will heat twice as fast and your appliances will use less energy.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to make the switch to natural gas.

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