Tips for Preparing for your First 5K in Bowling Green, KY


Later this month, the Lost River Cave and the Bowling Green Athletic Club will be sponsoring a 5K race with proceeds supporting the Lost River Cave. The event will take place at the Lost River Cave itself so participants will have a great view as they run. Although there will certainly be running enthusiasts out there who will be participating in the race, many others will be running for the first time to support the cause or fulfill fitness goals for the year.

If you have never ran a 5K before, David Stewart, formerly of Heartland Resources, has several tips to keep in mind to help you reach the finish line. As a resident of Bowling Green, he has visited the Lost River Cave many times, and he looks forward to the upcoming race to help conserve the national park.

Consult with your Doctor before You Begin Training: If you are new to running, it might be good idea to speak with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to start an exercise program.

Get Emotionally Ready for the Training: Training for a race is not only a physical challenge; it’s a mental challenge too. If you are out of shape, those first few training sessions are going to be difficult. It can be real easy to say that it will be too tough or you’re too old or unfit to run a race now.  Just know that the longer you keep at it, your endurance and speed will improve. Creating your own support group of friends and family can help you overcome these mental hurdles.

Start Slowly: Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? If you try to go too hard too soon, you may end up burning out. Create a schedule that you can follow to help you get ready for the race. For example, week one may consist of walking a half hour each day. By the end of week 2, you might start mixing walking and jogging. The goal is to build your lung capacity and increase your speed and endurance without increasing your risk of injury.

If you are thinking about running a 5K in Bowling Green or anywhere else, these tips can help you reach your fitness goals and make your way through the whole race.


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